Saturday, December 31, 2016

Letting Go

Before I can look to the new year with my typical list of resolutions for creative endeavors, grand adventures, higher learning, healthier food and peace on earth, it struck me that I first had to move past this year. I certainly had my share of highs in 2016, but also a number of lows, which I am glad to let go of. But the permanence of saying good bye to someone close is not easy. Shortly before Christmas I lost my beloved aunt. She died within days of her 89th birthday. I will be forever grateful for the visit I shared with her earlier in October, in which we enjoyed lots of love and laughter. I am dedicating this inaugural post to her. 

She was ready -- her body slowly releasing the strength and will to live -- her spirit longing to greet those who had made the journey before her. We smiled and embraced as we said goodbye. I held back tears and the words I had said so many times before "see you soon." She was ready, but I was not. Several weeks later she was gone. A Cooper's Hawk appeared on the top of my car two days after her death, and I felt her presence once again. I am convinced her spirit now soars in the heavens. She was ready, and in this I find solace.

May you find peace in letting go and blessings for a gratitude-filled new year.